Interiors as Fashion Accessories

“Some people accessorize with jewelry, some with shoes. While I’m no doubt all for that, I find the ultimate accessory is the room itself.  A few years back, I redecorated my house, and found it utterly liberating to design each room around a runway collection. Bruce, my trusty interior designer extraordinaire, thought it was absolutely mad that when we first met, I’d prepared mood boards featuring the most recent Chloé, Marc Jacobs, and Marni collections.  But I thought it made complete sense: I’m a clothing-obsessed designer,  and looking at those collections seriously helped ground my choices. You can’t help but have a chicly designed room if you’ve clearly identified what you’re wearing in said room. Seriously, would Derek Lam’s girl be caught dead in a comfortable sofa sectional? I’m sure she’d rather have a standout, boldly-printed chair that works fabulously with her denim blazer and pants.  And the ashtray provides some serious cobalt accenting (design impact only—no smoking, please!). I love the linear lines of the chair contrasted with circular accent motifs throughout the room. It makes you want to enforce a dress code, no?”

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