Happy Mother’s Day

(Spoiler Alert to Mom) This Mother’s Day I’ll be giving a years worth of flowers to Mom.  I particularly love the flower site Calyx – it’s so hard to find super chic flowers that aren’t overly adorned and fussy.  The ones from Calyx are particularly fab.  Hopefully I’ll be getting a stack of my favorite bracelets from Roarke.  And I’ll be serving up my famous Brioche French Toast to my Mom (whisk together an egg, milk, fresh squeezed orange, and vanilla extract. Let brioche slice soak up liquid. Sauté in butter and sprinkle on powdered sugar.  Et Voila French toast brioche a la tibi.
It’s about the only thing I can make – but I promise it’s pretty great.  Happy Mothers Day, xoxo- Amy
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  1. stylelinx says:

    I’ll take the french toast and the dress please!

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